The Parkes Institute is a unique centre for the study of Jewish/non-Jewish relations at the University of Southampton. The Institute, through its research, publications, teaching and outreach work, is based on the library and life work of the Christian scholar and activist, the Reverend Dr James Parkes (1896-1981). The library now consists of over 20,000 printed items – books, pamphlets and journals – and is supplemented by one of the largest collections of Jewish archives in Europe, consisting of many hundreds of individual and institutional records, totalling millions of individual items.

The 2012-2013 Director of the Parkes Institute is Professor Tony Kushner. The international group of our scholars and their work reflects the global ambitions of the Parkes Institute. We place particular emphasis on our innovative interdisciplinary approaches, including perspectives from history, literature, language, cultural studies, anthropology, geography, music, film and television studies and theology.

We offer an extensive range of Jewish History and Culture options available at undergraduate level, in addition to the BA History Single Honours Pathway in Jewish History and Culture.

At postgraduate level we offer both an exciting and challenging MA and MRes in Jewish History and Culture, and a flourishing PhD programme.

In addition the expertise of each member of Parkes is brought to bear through outreach work which includes regular lectures, seminars, conferences and night classes that are open to the public.

 Our research activities – individual and collective – are extensive and we publish three journals – Patterns of Prejudice, Jewish Culture and History and Holocaust Studies as well as a monograph series.


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