‘History as Legitimation: The Invention of Ancient Antisemitism in the German Empire (1871-1914)’

In the first of our evening seminars for the 2013-14 academic year, we are pleased to welcome Professor Christhard Hoffman (University of Bergen, Norway) who will be speaking on

History as Legitimation: The Invention of Ancient Antisemitism in the German Empire (1871-1914)

The lecture explores the patterns of interpretation that German scholars (theologians, historians, classicists) of the late 19th and early 20th centuries used in presenting the conflicts between Jews and non-Jews in the Greco-Roman world. It argues that the modern form of Jew-hatred that called itself “antisemitism” was tried to legitimize by projecting it back into the Classical World. The paradigm of “ancient anti-Semitism” did not only change the image of the Jews in Antiquity but also formed a crucial argument in contemporary debates on the “Jewish Question” in the German kaiserreich.

Christhard Hoffmann

Professor Hoffman’s researches encompasses a number of diverse fields, including: Modern German and European History, the history of migration and minorities in Europe, Nationalism, Antisemitism, Xenophobia, Historiography and Public Memory. He is currently working on a project that investigates the historiography of immigrants and minorities in Britain, Germany and Scandinavia after 1970.

6 p.m.
Lecture Theatre C
Avenue Campus
University of Southampton

Refreshments will be served after the talk. All welcome!

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