Outreach at the Parkes Institute: Schools and Colleges

In this instalment of our series on our outreach programme, we take a look at the work that the Parkes Institute does with schools and colleges and its engagement with the University of Southampton’s wider outreach project.

The University of Southampton has a deep and proactive commitment to outreach activities and supports local schools and colleges in raising the aspirations of their students. As part of this, it runs a number of outreach initiatives, including the ‘Learn with US’ programme and the ‘Access to Southampton’ scheme.

Learn with US

Learn with US

Learn with US 

is the University of Southampton’s outreach programme, which is designed to support teachers, parents, students and community groups in the local area.

The scheme presents the opportunity to study new and exciting subjects, which can be related to the National Curriculum, build on skills of critical analysis and communication, and engage with our academics to get a taste of Higher Education.

The scheme consists of a number of inter-related strands aimed at aiding the transition to university life by teaching academic skills, raising engagement with and awareness of academic subjects, supporting the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), and facilitating Research Based Learning Projects (RBLP).

As part of the Learn with US scheme, the Parkes outreach team can give talks, lectures and workshops on a range of issues such as an introduction to Judaism, Jewish-Christian Relations, the Bible, apocalyptic literature, the seventh century and the Holocaust, but for the range of available lectures from the Parkes Institute, or to discuss your particular needs, please get in touch with Helen Spurling.


Access to Southampton

Access to Southampton is designed to help those with high potential from non-traditional backgrounds to come to the University of Southampton. The scheme targets a non-traditional group (subject to selection criteria), who may not apply to the University of Southampton even though they have the aptitude to succeed on its programmes, and allows students with potential to show their commitment to study at Southampton.

The programme is a pre-university entry scheme where successful applicants, often without a family history of entry to HE, are given two offers: a standard prospectus offer and an alternative Access offer of 2 A-level grades below standard. The Access to Southampton alternative offer is conditional, and in order to be given the Access offer, students in Years 12 and 13 are required to attend and pass an academically challenging assessed programme set by the academic departments. The Access to Southampton programme also runs a compulsory academic skills day each Easter for those who have passed the written assignment.

Dr Helen Spurling and Chris Fuller lead the summer school for History with the aim of providing an insight into the types of courses that potential students could study at Southampton. For example, Dr Helen Spurling discusses the question of ‘What is History?’ in relation to her work on apocalypticism.

For more information on the University’s outreach programme, please visit their dedicated website.

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