Outreach at the Parkes Institute: Study Days

In the latest in our series of posts on the Parkes Institute’s outreach activities we take a look at our popular study days, the second vital part of our Lifelong Learning programme.

Study days are a vital part of the Parkes Institute’s outreach programme and are designed for people who don’t have enough time to commit to a longer course or who are only just beginning to explore a new topic and would like to get a broad overview of the subject before digging deeper.

“All [the] talks have furthered my understanding of areas that I knew a little about. Really interesting – have invited Holocaust survivors to speak to my students [and] this has helped me appreciate their stories even more.”

– Student, Responses to the Holocaust study day

The study days usually run from 10am to 4pm and include a buffet-style lunch and regular tea, coffee and other refreshments. The day consists of 4 to 5 interactive and engaging talks by speakers from the Parkes Institute who discuss about their latest research on a particular theme or topic.

We try to keep the groups small and informal to encourage debate and discussion and there is always plenty of time to ask questions and to talk to the presenters about the issues that they’ve raised.

“Excellent, from start to finish.”

– Student, The Impact of the Holocaust study day

In 2012/13 Parkes ran two study days on ‘Change and Continuity: the Impact of the Holocaust’, which provided present the opportunity to learn about the impact of the Holocaust and examine developments within Jewish life since this defining event from the perspectives of history, literature, religion and culture, and ‘Lost in Translation: Jewish Cultures’, which considered the extent to which translation and transfer (of languages but also of values, beliefs, histories and narratives) from past to present and from one culture into another has been key to the Jewish experience.

“Could not be bettered. Many thanks for a well-structured and catered for day.”

– Student, Lost in Translation study day

These thought-provoking and inspiring study days provide you with the opportunity to learn and engage in discussion about particular aspects of Jewish Studies from academics of international distinction. So whether you’ve always been interested in Jewish Studies or are just looking to dip your toe in the water, keep an eye on this space and our dedicated website for more information on Parkes Institute study days in 2013/14!

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