Outreach at the Parkes Institute: Evening Classes

The latest part of our series on the Parkes Institute’s Outreach work focuses on our highly successful evening classes, the first part of our well developed Lifelong Learning programme.

“I have had a long interest in Jewish Studies but was very nervous about taking this course as I had been out of formal learning for many years, but it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The course content was excellent with wonderful lecturers who so obviously loved their particular field that their enthusiasm was contagious.  Questions were encouraged and the debates at the end of each session only stopped because of the time.  Quite often I would still be talking with colleagues in the car park long after the session had finished.”

– Suzanne Fletcher, former Parkes evening class student.

Our evening classes examine the broad sweep of Jewish history and culture across the ages and are team taught by members of the Parkes Institute. They are suitable for anyone interested in Jewish studies, from those with no background in the subject to those looking to further hone their already detailed knowledge. The classes are very much focused on your questions and interests, and through lively discussion and debate we hope to address the issues that are important to you. Courses run for twelve weeks, with a two hour class one evening per week during the semester.

We are currently running an evening class on ‘Classical Hebrew’, which is intended to provide you with an elementary knowledge of Classical Hebrew grammar, which is needed in order to read the Tanakh/Old Testament in its original language. You can find more details here.

Our most recent evening class was ‘Approaches to Jewish History and Culture’. The module was an introduction to the rich variety within Jewish culture(s), and investigated developments within Jewish culture(s) in relation to their historical context. The course looked at a variety of themes within Jewish culture, including photography, film & television, music and literature, all with the aim of exploring the issue of what represents a ‘Jewish’ cultural or historical development. More details can be found here.

Previous evening classes have also included ‘Jews, Christians and Muslims: Relations Through the Ages’ and ‘Jews and Christians on the Bible: Past and Present’.

Our evening classes are always rated very highly by our students, and we constantly strive to improve our courses based on student feedback.

You can find out more about evening classes and other outreach activities at the University of Southampton at its dedicated Lifelong Learning website.

For more information please contact Dr Helen Spurling.

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