Outreach activities at the Parkes Institute

“Our outreach work extends beyond adult education and led by Helen Spurling, we have a team of academics, postgraduates and postdoctoral fellows who teach in local schools and colleges.”

– Professor Tony Kushner, Director of the Parkes Institute

Outreach activities underpin the work of the Parkes Institute. Our programme of Jewish Studies engages with the local community, the general public and schools and colleges in the Hampshire area.

Our outreach activities present the opportunity to look at the variety of issues that have impacted on the Jewish people throughout history and have influenced the relationship between Jews and non-Jews to the present. Examining Jewish Studies and Jewish/non-Jewish Relations not only deals with the past to understand where we are today, but is of fundamental importance to knowledge of inter-cultural issues that impact on today’s world.

We offer a range of events and activities to suit all backgrounds and interests, ranging from evening courses to day-long cultural events and visits to local schools. Our outreach programme is delivered by members of the Parkes Institute and guarantees you access to the latest innovative and original research in the field of Jewish Studies.

Over the next few weeks this series of blog posts will introduce you to some of the fantastic activities and events that make up our outreach programme: our Lifelong Learning programme, our work with Schools and Colleges, and our other outreach events.

For more details on our outreach work please contact Dr Helen Spurling.

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